The Great Equations

Breakthrough in Science from Pythagoras to Heisenberg – by Robert P. Crease is vivid, entertaining and full of science for the inquisitive mind.

Mastering them to explain to general and scientific audience is great skill and every science and engineering student should aspire to and keep it in his intellectual repertoire.

The equations dealt were:

  • The Gold standard for mathematical beauty is Euler’s equation
         e + 1 = 0

  • The most significant event of 19th century – Maxwell’s Equations:
        δ . E = 4πp
        δ x B – 1/c * δE/δt = 4π/c J
        δ x E + 1/c * δB/δt = 0

        δ . B = 0
  • Celebrity Equation by Einstein:
        E = mc2