Health Treatises

Health is paramount of we got to experience all that we want in life – fame, name, food, sex, etc. But health awareness has been tarnished with the advent of allopathic medicine and doctors. Not that they’re all quacks but there’s a certain level of ignorance in modern medicine which diagnoses diseases in the body where they happen without finding it’s source. This source analysis is grossly missing and costs lives and huge loses financially which could have been spent for other good needs. Even though I have pharmaceutical pedigree (I used to help my father in his medical stores in yester years and being familiar with the pharmacopeia of medicines – their indications, pharmacology, side effects, etc.), I believed for any illness,  I thought the only solution is to administer medicine. Never it struck me that there are alternative medicines to every ailments both curable and incurable. It came to dawn on me very lately after a couple of readings which I have listed here in the order that I read them and hopefully, you could greatly benefit from them and the ultimate motive is to have a healthy life without any medicines – an utopia but readily & surely achievable. This requires broad understanding of body, how good food nourishes the body and the significance of blood and a bit of mindfulness to reach this utopian goal. These books gives you some basis of understanding the knowledge of body and its functions as our ancestors have seen it since millennia but narrated in modern times:

1. Anatomic Therapy

2. Nature Cure: Philosophy and Practice Based on the Unity of Disease and Cure by Henry Lindlahr

3. Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture & Pulse Diagnosis