Making Laws and making Sausage in Capitol

A very short introduction on The U.S. Congress by Donald A. Ritchie was an informative read and I enjoyed this section the most and want to capture it for reference.

Laws are like sausages” goes the old saying. “It’s better not to see them being made“. A mix of persuasion, pressure and bargaining will be ground into every bill that becomes law. Managing legislation through to enactment involves finding something to offer to as many member as possible. On those where they have little stake, members may trade votes, supporting someone else’s pet projects in return for a promise of support of theirs. a practice called logrolling. members will feel pressure from President, their party, their constituents and lobbyists on how to vote. some will not make up their minds until last minute, on the way to cast their vote. They have compared this situation to “seminar on the run”, as they try to determine how to vote from notes stuffed in their pockets, briefing books, whispers from staff, hurried briefing from collogues, and last minute calls from white house.