An Introspection Causative of Anger

Anger is perhaps an acronym for Atrocious Negative Gesticulatory Emotions Recurring. In anger, man’s entropy peaks out bursting waves of negative energy in all planes – physical, psychic and auric, piercing the surroundings near or far. This energy wreaks havoc and takes its toll, first and foremost the source and then the receiver. The irony is, receiver perceives and picks this negative avalanche first to summon all he could to deflect, dispose, smoothen and endure it. Since he has acted on it quickly and used all possible ways to manage it, he is devoid of long term repercussions. On the contrary, the originator even though being the source whose nerves overworked to unleash this force gets weakened with wear and tear not immediately, but it keeps accruing until yields at a point where its weight finally tears the foundation. Hence most of the anger-handicapped have nerve related debilitations or associated complications in due course of life.

There can be no man on earth ever not being angry. But the level of anger makes the difference of how you’ll be perceived by society. Anger has solicited extensive treatment from religious to self-help experts since day immemorial. But handling it is an education in progress for every man. In our lifetime, everyone has opportunity to practice it to lessen it and in rare cases totally eliminate it.

Anger happens due to one or all of below:

  • disregard expectations
  • crossover permissibility
  • breach agreements
  • perform unacceptably
  • unmindful or external/unknown causations

In domestic argument, you should restrain until heat subsides, if not your point dissipates in heat – delay is art and science that has to be practiced at all times. Another important mistake in arguments is whatever said can never be retracted, and due to this kingdoms, fiefdoms, families and corporations have perished simply as one carries grudge of hurtful words uttered. Words have the ultimate power than deeds, as our internal words drives us outwardly so does outwardly words we hear (to internalize it) will drive our reactionary response. As we draw our response to words and tones, so does our counterparts, hence beware of its positive and detrimental effects.

In professional situation, it has an hierarchical angle, use with care when applied, to be taken with caution from higher authority and resisted deftly from lower up and in any case not losing composure or calm. This indicates your stealth strength and exposure quotient and hence the inherent weakens of your foundation. The practice to tackle anger and not being angry yourself becomes clear when your conviction and drive are in synch with the purpose of your individuality and institution you serve.

But before anger being used as a response, we should endeavor to exhaust all possible avenues to rectify the situation before which anger should be used a ‘snake hisses’ to ward of threat and to retain its prominence without venom being spilled, so should the anger be, a show of unpleasantness more subtly only for the breaches and not on the individuals. All should earnestly practice to master it slowly but surely – if we need to transcend anger altogether. Magnanimity, resourcefulness, compassion combined with yoga and breathing exercises based on foundations of rationality and spirituality can shape every individual and community he belongs to be full of tolerance and equity.


How to handle Men – tips summarized from Dr. Shalini, Psychologist

Search & look for your Mr. Right

1.     Invitation display to be used sparingly and only to your would-be

2.     Be mindful of your body language

3.     Just protest when trespassing happens

4.     Be aware of public, social and intimate distance

5.     Differentiate from practiced charmers – they may adopt this technique : The easiest way to a women’s heart is through her ears

6.     Rarely you can’t judge a man for actions, hence go for intentions but not always

7.     Look for self –thinking, analysis, open-mindedness, humor, magnanimity and importantly self-esteem traits

8.     If good self-esteem is there, 3 things happen impromptu:

a.     Doesn’t care about other’s opinion – either adverse criticism or over appreciation

b.     Always work on self-improvement

c.     Be honest and respect others

d.     Treats both sexes with dignity

Understand Mr. Right’s Innate Male Behavior

1.     A man’s brain makeup has made his speech ability less compared to a woman, they are more attuned to short conversation and high energy stuff – all because of testosterone

2.     Whereas a woman being procreative and need to handle children can always look at their faces and understand their needs and be caring, hence they talk more.

3.     Moreover high decibel talk to man makes him to hide and sneak out – a trait of ancient hunters to survive when wild animals attack

4.     Man also have tendencies of dominance and survival of fittest – to protect himself and his family – thanks to his hunting traits

Handle your Mr. Right and make your soul-mate forever

Simple technique is to make a man’s testosterone more to make him happy but how?

1.     Support & Appreciate

a.     Support and encourage his bold moves

b.     Genuinely appreciate his efforts and achievements

c.     Treat them as hero/achiever

2.     Groom

a.     Treat them as alpha-male

b.     Care them well

c.     Never ignore

3.     Leverage the cultural universal – act as helpless innocent but never cross into emotional blackmail and

4.     It’s better to lose a battle in order to win a war. Also occasional defeats is important in sportsmanship to be at top – if not complacency comes in and you lose grandly.

5.     Man love to have sex and women have sex to be loved – don’t forget this and go one step to be like that bad girl in entertaining him

6.     Your body is a great asset, take care and make it attractive naturally

7.     Sometimes men have certain qualities of their mother and may be attached to them a lot, hence never say anything that damages their opinion about their mothers – have caution, play the victim’s role and stoop to conquer here

a.     More is not necessarily better – hence understand the timely need and fulfil them to have great leverage

b.     To enter a man’s heart go through his stomach – relish with great culinary to capture his mind

c.     They are creatures of habit – give them ample time to change

d.     Be clean, fresh, aromatic and simply attractive