I Ching

The great oracle which Chinese refer and ask for guidance. I happened to pick a translation by John Minford, I think this is a best translation and very original one available. This is the essential translation of the ancient Chinese oracle and book of wisdom. I did consult it but the result was vague but time may give more answers to vouch for its authority and guidance. I got 25 and 17 and let’s see how things proceed. This book has suggestions for further reading and some that caught my attention which I want to read too, they are:

  • Art, Myth & Ritual: The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China – Chang K.C., Harvard University Press
  • The five Confucian Classics – Michael Nylan, Yale University Press
  • Mysteries of Ancient China – Jessica Rowson, British Museum
  • The Soul Of China – Translated by John Holroyd Reece and Arthur Waley, Butler & Tanner
  • The secret of Golden Flower: A Chinese book of Life – Translated by Cary F. Baynes, Kegan Paul

8000 Years of Wisdom–Conversations with Hua-Ching Ni

This book is full of wisdom indeed. Talks about TAO and the yin and Yang. As long these principles are not violated in any physical or metal activity all are good and life improving. The most striking chapter was ‘Practical Application of Tao’ where in two examples of life events suggest an unsolvable problems vexing family spouses – one is a mental issue and other is anxiety induced issues – for which the spouses go at length to solve it from western doctors, therapy, yoga, massage, retreat, metal hospital, etc. and can’t find any cure even after a decade of trying diligently and earnestly but only in vain.
If Tao has to be practical, we must apply it. One way is the everyday way. If there’s a problem and you look for all kinds of help and something is simple and it works. It is Tao. But in many cases there is nothing you can do, and in these instances the most helpful thing is Tao. It means don’t do anything. Don’t make any disturbance; things are on the way. Put into simple language , Tao is in the process if restoration, that is to say, subtle restoration, subtle recovery, and subtle regeneration. It is most gentle force, and it comes form nature. If nature fails, I tell you there is no humanly created that can help. So you should do your best in life, but never mind worrying over the results, or setting up expectations of what kind of flower you would like to see bloom. Sure, you can wish for certain achievement in your general business or such, but don’t put your mind in control of it. It will just become poison. The flower will wither. Life is an accumulation of time, one minute and then next. In specific circumstances, don’t worry because many things are not under your management. Things will self-regulate and regenerate through natural energy, there is no need to make a disturbance. But it is our habit to interfere. This naturalness doesn’t mean random irresponsibility, or avoidance of the responsibility of everyday life. This calls for a spiritual practice for a high level of concentration and innermost purity.

Collected western and Chinese reflections on marriage was interesting:


  • Marriage is a community consisting of a master, a mistress and two slaves, all within two bodies
  • Marriage is a good deal like taking a bath; it’s not so hot once you get accustomed to it
  • A man may be a fool and not know it, but not if he is married
  • Why does a woman work ten years to change a man’s habits and then complain he’s not the man she married
  • Marriage us a romance novel in which the hero dies in the first chapter
  • When a girl marries, she exchanges the attentions of many men for the inattention of one
  • The great secret of successful marriage is to treat all disasters as minor incidents and none of teh incidents as disasters
  • Of course the is such a thing as love or there wouldn’t;t be so many divorces
  • Marriage is the feast where the grace is sometimes better than the dinner
  • Marriage is a mistake every man should make
  • A man is in love is incomplete until he has married, Then he is finished
  • Marriage always demands the greatest understanding of the act of insincerity possible between two human beings


  • On the subject of marriage, no one is wise
  • Marriage is two people captured by an unreasonable monster
  • Marriage is not like other games; it has only losers
  • A wise man is the one who has a positive attitude toward marriage before he is married
  • Marriage is an ingenious trap which few people can escape
  • Marriage is not an awkward situation until after it happens
  • Mankind does not truly understand the happiness of two birds until they understand that the pair is not married
  • Marriage consists of two people who were enemies in a past life who are taking the opportunity of revenge in this life
  • Marriage is the tomb of true love. A happy marriage can only exist foe those who willingly decide to stay in the tomb
  • What is the reason women have more interest in getting married than men? Because they are testing their courage with no true reason
  • Everyone should look for growth, but the growth attained in marriage is not the kind one truly needs

Talks in detail about Taoist view of marriage, sex and pregnancy. Some pointers:

  • It’s too early in life to worn out your body by having early teenage sex than when it flowers naturally. Chinese tradition has it that men are wolves in their thirties and tigers in forties and can’t become dead wolves and paper tigers due to indeterminate use. Hence root cannot be damaged for it to support rest of the life
  • Masturbation can also damages the physical  root, Boys and girls should be very careful about their psychological heath when they are young, keep away from temptations, keep strong and prepare for the long span of life.
  • Sex is but Chi performance and it has 2 categories, one is natural fulfillment, and the other is mechanical performance
  • Following the natural cycle devoid of external stimulation is the best course to keep it natural and shouldn’t be habitual
  • In Taoist view, you should achieve internal and extremal harmony, that is the purpose of it and moreover once you have completed your big task, you withdraw i.e. once you have children nd grown, withdraw and focus on spiritual upliftment
  • As to choosing right partner, there must be love then there’s true energy communication. If the other party is not physically and mentally responsive, it’s not good to continue the act
  • As per Tao Te Ching, woman should be the man, and man should be woman in sexual matters
  • If you have sex not according to your own physical cycle, you will get older faster
  • A bad energy days is when there’s a huge wind, big thunder or a storm or mentally disturbed or gravely ill and these times avoid it

As most children are born out of blind desire and ignorance, and then any unhealthy baby is a burden to everyone – hence some pointers to follow on and before getting pregnant:

  • If you want to attract a virtuous being, then you must be virtuous. The responsibility is yours
  • Expend more effort into purifying yourself before get pregnant. Once pregnant and a certain soul has come, the your influence is limited
  • Purify your blood and body with good, natural, pure and clean food
  • Purify your mind with spiritual books; allow natural spirit to re-merge through a simple and and quite lifestyle.
  • Above will create a environment that’ll naturally attract a high being to you.
  • Both the partners have to prepare physically, mentally, spiritually and practically i.e. financially

The basic spiritual self-protections listed in the book are worth following.

His other books might of interest to you:

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