Fate’s tryst and unbinding

We’re all powerless in the gusty winds of fate and have a false notion of free will to manage our own destiny. This debate is endless since time immemorial where most of them arguing either sides with no victory. One important couplet summarizes this debate to an end:

What powers so great as those of Destiny? Man’s skill
Some other thing contrives; but fate’s beforehand still.

What is stronger than fate? If we think of an expedient (to avert it), it will itself be with us before (the thought).

It rains dogs and cats and it’s true to fate in it’s benign and malignant moments too. So the best anti-dote to handle both sides is through equanimity and to pray that malignant precedes the benign. When you’re aware that your earthly endeavors, however hard you try, can’t displace fate’s power. That’s a great awakening and it’s time to acquiesce to its powers and do the best not to precipitate it but patiently wait for the tide to recede to bring in prosperity in all spheres. The understanding and helplessness is the central part of the awakening and to accept that things are beyond our control and to mind map outcomes and to accept pain as an ingredient to higher order learning. During this process of learning, I cherish this couplet

Smile, with patient, hopeful heart, in troublous hour;
Meet and so vanquish grief; nothing hath equal power.

If troubles come, laugh; there is nothing like that, to press upon and drive away sorrow

Having read so many books, assimilating and applying them, leads to a fundamental shift in your approach to all your endeavors, that is: to be good is to do good always in times of distress and relief,  to be respected is to maintain equipoise in times of turmoil and tranquility and to be adored is to learn more philosophy and practice them unwaveringly.