Team of Rivals

A birdie of sort to obtain this book, perhaps one stroke short of par-4 hole play. I was searching for this book twice and got it on the 3rd time unexpectedly as there wasn’t any new ones which prompted me to move to the racks. But was an excellent read on colossus Abe Lincoln. Next to Benjamin Franklin, the greatest hero is Lincoln. This story revolves around Lincoln, Seward, Chase, Bates, Stanton and less with Welles and Blair. An excellent, copiously researched and well written piece, shouldn’t every writer aspire to the heights of Doris Kearns Goodwin. I long to watch The Lincoln movie to see how the screenplay has come along and I did. It wasn’t as detailed as the book. Tears have no bounds for HIS rights to be established. “Malice towards none and charity for all” and “build a worth the esteem of others” – keeps echoing as the Lincolns finally converse in the carriage that we’ve lived a miserable life and it’s time for gaiety, fun and responsibility – perhaps it’s so coincident and cogent at this point of time. Hope the will to charity takes us to the next level after countless disappointments, but no one knows His will and preference, let alone it unfolds in its own pace, we mortals have to be patient and enduring, in the end the enlightened take it equal.