50 years from now possibilities abound, Predications galore

1972 – 2013 – 2063
Sample Timeline Analysis

A little more than 40 years alive is an achievement given the stress and strain of living in a hyper capitalistic, competitive and mindless world. City living exacerbates this equation further. Living a fleeting life and longevity not in our hand, the best refuge to move forward in life is to abide by providence, practice yoga and tread the mindfulness path until 2063 arrives, by that time most of the bodily functions and organs could have had an exhaustive run, might tire and become less combatant to attacking viruses. My 2013 greetings read as:  Wish you a wonderful, compassionate and happy 2013. My wish for all: Let all coming years for mankind be of the same. The midnight countdown was a party-less affair with happy coding and reciting the songs of Tamil Trinity (the medieval poets who sung 6 & 7th Thirumurai (Great-Rules))

As I dwell upon the pace of technological change, I really stumble. Perhaps these predictions may be worth a retrospective look at 2063:

  • Fully electrified & autonomous transportation for individual and masses
  • ‘One size fits all’ device – to refer, learn, write and play for students – no more books on backs
  • Ubiquitous 7G communication at lightning optic cable speeds on wireless
  • Green tax based on every individual’s carbon consumption
  • Clusticities, Clustidistricts & Clustiagries abound (explanation below on new words coined)
  • Moon tourism & mining – man’s exploitation is insatiable though!
  • Computing and Connectivity becomes a basic need as utilities now
  • Behemoths sell robot maids to robot cooks to robot ‘you-name-it’s.
  • Genetic Medicine
  • Energy Islands generating terawatts more efficiently, safely and environmental friendly

Clustered Mega City (Clusticity) & Clustered Business District (Clustidistrict) – Average of 100 floor residential towers in groups (5 to 10 in one group) with 8 to 10 groups form one Clusticity. Similarly the business districts. All of them connected by dedicated mass rapid transit systems between these clusters and rest. Clustiagries are Clusticties meant for organic farming adjacent to these cities.

Irrespective of all our technological advances, man remains same since his pre-historic days full of positive and negative traits. He needs to tilt more towards positive and should grasp the essence of his existence, become mindful and compassionate. That should be the ultimate goal of human progress not simply gadgetry, technical wizardry and materialism. Let the world move on to more new ages, we’re simply a bubble in this vast ocean of timelessness. Let’s do our best to usher in the next era and not forget our journey’s purpose as it unfolds and provide some meaningful part(icipation) to whole.