Went under scalpel

Health is wealth indeed after I underwent my first experience under scalpel. Hope it’s my last too. Insurance came in handy to manage the expenses and get a decent place. This reminded of the plight innumerable ‘not-so-well-to-do’ who go through ordeals after ordeals to get the service they deserve. It was a simple surgical procedure I presume which of course needs deft and experienced hand to make the incision with precision and in unison. If part of the whole goes wrong, recuperation extends with more pain.

I was in the nursing home at 11:30am, had all the customary checks – needed or un-needed – irrespective to ensure my body can take that minor incision without any complaint. ECG was an easy one, the blood test results had to be normal but I’m yet to see the results. I was ushered into the theatre – where I’m the stage and doctors play their part with all the precision instruments in ensemble producing a symphony where the body takes the pain in mute and pays in return for a healthy afterlife. The stage artist whom everyone salutes at first – anesthetist came promptly in and I greeted him with a Good morning which he reciprocated and he started his procedure without delay. I preferred a general to an epidural shot – less cumbersome and more easier on the patient with relatively lesser risks. I was asked to keep my fist tight and he was looking for the right vein to insert the needle that’ll take all my intravenous stuff till I’m discharged. He was very experienced and found it quickly and inserted the needle and locked it in place by pasting a plaster to make it intact. Then anesthesia was administered – I presume a shot of propofol. It was immediate, I slipped out of mind immediately and operation started. Now this is my guess of what would have happened  – my legs were propped up, I was wide open and lifted up. Surgeon should have easy access to my rectum and endoscope had a clear access in. My rectum wide open and the polyp which was giving so much problem and inconvenience couldn’t evade the precise endoscopic scalpel. With first major incision performed, subsequent root leftovers were removed with cryo-forceps. The procedure should not have taken 30+ minutes, I was out to my room by 12+pm. I regained consciousness only around 4pm with some hallucinations and delusions preempting final stages of the half-life of the anesthetic shot.  Felt a big gauze inserted into the ass which numbed the area and gave lot of pain until 6pm when it was removed. Heaved a huge sigh of relief and attempted to resuscitate the genitals to do their routine jobs of excretion but had difficulty in coordinating both. Finally managed to get some out and had a good night’s rest. Now my brain keeps complaining that all along it has registered a lump dangling out there is missing and perhaps needs some time to adjust to the new reality of this missing link and never to trigger a new growth again. I had now decided to take the Ayurveda route to manage the ailment from recurring. I should never forget the support I got from the family and their members. I always thought I could manage single handedly but a couple of hands lessens the burden and goes a long way.

On a closing note to my story as I left the nursing home – was wondering about other patients and the ordeals they go through! – certainly they’re all avoidable if we take care our body well. Health is wealth – no doubt about it and hope my ailments are contained by following a more natural rhythm in food, rest and profession with a profound grace from providence. He’s the harbinger who arbitrates all our earthly vicissitudes. Apart from Ayurveda, I wanted to test yoga to cure and sustain life forces that can altogether shield you from all vicissitudes. It needs an earnest start and full of grace.