Wounded Psyche, Shattered Trust

As north east rages in sectarian violence, an article with above heading appeared in a newspaper. What an apt summation to the burgeoning problem which no one cares and always left it to take its own course. So is the individual in hinterland left by power and politics played by a few. Being in a affordable category shields me from these vagaries, but its remnants of radiation affects the overall soul of soil. What I’m flabbergasted is at the crumbling family support and cohesion, a hallmark of collective family ethos in its metros, perhaps even in suburbs. With dwindling family member count, rising wealth, false relationships, self-centered and egoistic attitudes, basic family support system is questionable nowadays. It remains a lip service and mostly a forgotten one and in due course may become obscure and void. That’s when Metros have reached the economic parity with West and has lost it face with a heavy price paid in terms of family values. What a colossal and pyrrhic victory in number games of prosperity? Added to these woes is the new complex psychological disorders that manifest the urbanites. But I hope the solution to an individual caught is such a melee is to be silent,patient, pious not in religious sense but in full philosophical and stoic state to overcome this difficulty not of his making but of ‘inherited continuance’ which can be ridden of its existence only by enduring it. Is is not clear? when it rains, it pours shattering the roof – true to prosperity and woes alike. A cycle that revolves which needs to be transcended – which is the purpose of our short stay in earth though!