My friend’s resolutions I envy to adopt

After much reflection and soul searching, my friend took a few resolutions in his dealing with all including kith & kin, which I envy to take on myself:

Talk pleasantly:  
Always a bit easy with strangers, friends and professional circle but with kith & kin – a daunting task, as we take it for granted or the other party may do, hence the resolution is even if intimidated, incensed, inflamed, smacked down never slip your tongue – but maintain that cool, calm and collective repose that brings and keeps you good. Benjamin Franklin’s advice on this is surefire way to follow.

Harp not on old invectives:
No matter what, any invectives directed against you were either intentional or situational or predestined, don’t revert to them by referring them in retrospect in your conversations with them – they serve no purpose but create ice rather than break it. Do forgive and also try to forget as much as possible.

Be principled:
They drive you and provide clarity and purpose when in doubt, torpor and distress.

Persuade rather than coerce:
In every occasion, follow persuasion rather than coercion, because by appealing to logos, ethos and pathos, you achieve more than forcing anybody to do what you want them do.

Be assertive:
Not all can be solved by above principles and at times being
assertive is inevitable when line is crossed but conduct it within the constitution & apply moderation.  Correct only the qualities that created the rift and not at individual’s expense but at his incorrigible behavior that created mayhem – this needs to be fully articulated at an opportune time and in an understanding mood.

Reconcile with alertness:
Every relationship needs constant additive to sustain but some ends in negative spiral beyond resurrection. To those, apply common good and if opportunities present, attempt reconciliation and if it turns to old ways, apply clear communication and in worst cases, disengage to avoid deterioration and iterate.

Times too get bad, but work hard, it pays and be optimistic and explore new vistas in physical, monetary and spiritual realm – constant change is the norm and embrace it.

Overall to sum up:

  1. Read philosophy to keep mentally fit
  2. Do exercises & eat less/necessary to keep physically fit
  3. Practice austerity and diversify to keep financially fit
  4. Attempt & learn new things to keep you creatively fit
    4 fits to keep you fits-free.

Twitter Message that took my notice

Office is full of ‘Yes sir…Yeos’ and ‘(What if…but no choice) Gasping and Sighing…Gohs & Sohs’  – what an accurate picture of contemporary office culture! Only names to be changed to suit each culture but the message is crisp, clear and a far cry for every man out there to embrace entrepreneurship to some extent in your job or in the unchartered – whichever makes you do what you love. In the folklore of Vallalar’s philosophical quest – ‘Thanithiru, Vizhithiru, Pacithiru’ can be twisted to one’s vocation – Stay hungry, Stay unique, Stay Alert, perhaps Steve Jobs added one more Stay foolish.

My Friend’s Walden life

Slowly my friend said he’s into a Walden-like life. Henry Thoreau’s experiment albeit in 21st century and I’m going to reserve some space for his observations at a much later time. I’m eager whether it’s possible and feasible and in the end how does it pan out – in this mobile, social, tv. media crazy world. Let’s wait for it!. He said he is now devoid of tv, radio and a couple niceties but it’s a long way to go and keep at it. Let’s praise his conviction if genuine or ponder at his situation that brought him to this state contemplatively and see whether there’s any learning in the end to pursue our goals with more equanimity.

Agile Experience Design–Quotes

Setting the Scene:

Coming together is a beginning
Keeping together is progress
Working together is success – Henry Ford

Get Ready To Go

All men dream: But not equally. Those that dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds awake to find that it was vanity: But the dreamers of day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible – T.E. Lawrence


Le Mieux Est L’ennemi Du Bien (The best is the enemy of the good) – Voltaire

Envisioning Success

In the age of abundance, appealing only to the rational, logical, and functional needs is woefully insufficient. Engineers must figure out how to get things to work. But if those things are not also pleasing to the eye or compelling to eh soul, few will buy them – Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind

Elaboration: Ready, Steady, Build

I keep the subject of my inquiry constantly before me, and wait till the first dawning opens gradually, by little and little, into full and clear light – Isaac Newton