Generation Flux

How disruption happens in individual’s professional life…a great and insightful article in FastCompany magazine. A separate copy for future reference, say in 10 years, perhaps if not available in the said URI, then it is here….

There is a simple experiment of disruption, when I revisit then in 10 years time, let’s look at which content format holds sway then….wait until 2022


Tagore’s Quotes

Survival of the fittest

Once we accept as truth such a scientific maxim as ‘Survival of the fittest’ it immediately transforms the whole world of human personality into a monotonous desert of abstraction, where things become dreadfully simple because robbed of their mystery of life.

The infinite being

We can only define that which can be measured; that which is immeasurable, which eludes all attempts at capture, is not attainable by reason, but by immediate perception. The Upanishad says of the Infinite being that we can reach Him not with speech, nor with mind, but by our consciousness of delight, wherewith all fear departs from us. Our soul has her hunger for this immediateness of realization, whereby she is enabled also to know herself. The love, the contemplation, the vision that alone can satisfy this hunger finds its place in literature, in art.

The modern age

…if profit and production are allowed to run amuck, they will play havoc with our love of beauty, of truth of justice, and also with our love for our fellow-beings

‘idealizing of organized selfishness’

Universal and Unique

The universal is ever seeking its consummation in the unique. And the desire to keep our uniqueness intact is really the desire of the universe acting in us. It is our joy of the infinite in us that gives us our joy in ourselves


The very psychology of men and women about their mutual relation is changing and becoming the psychology of primitive fighting elements, rather than of humanity seeking its completeness through the union based upon mutual self-surrender. For the elements which have lost their living bond of reality have lost the meaning of their existence. Like gaseous particles forced into too narrow space, they come in continual conflict with each other till they burst the very arrangement which holds them in bondage.