When capitalism crosses human dignity, attraction fades

I have been reading quite a few vociferous reports on 21st century labor camps run by iCompany in the guise of capitalism and squeezing every penny from suppliers – which is wrenching given it’s angelic face of innovativeness and ingenuity before the world. What is the point of earning billions after billions every quarter when safety and human care is neglected? Every human has a birthright to have clean air, non-hazardous work environment and adequate rest & recuperation. Just for fun I thought of how to end this exploitation? – best is to send the entire iCompany management and ask them to work in those factories for 3 months under the same relentless and harsher conditions and see how they thrive building (manufacturing) better products let alone design it somewhere remote? If they see fit and I hope they don’t mind – after all it’s their prized creation? Then I suggest “The iAll” products thus produced be auctioned as “the most limited edition self-made products” from iCompany masters themselves – which adds an aura of higher innovativeness and ingenuity than their designed and ‘manufactured elsewhere’ products – because this is designed and hand-made by idesigners themselves….so has more magic, creativity and originality.

Hence my advice to iCookers & iQuakers et al is to try this path and see how iCompany can earn even more zillions from their own backyard, hence billions become zillions. For rest of the people, the best thing is to contemplate on the plight of iWorkers behind products and decide for themselves on the coveted purchase. This is a humble call to greedy corporate shenanigans who dismally care for nothing expect profit and in the name of capitalism gobble half a billion in compensation at the behest of toiling, exploited, underpaid and innocent young workers to pause for a moment and reflect on it. Let capitalism and humanism thrive for the benefit of both rather than each exploiting the other.


Chance with Dance

Happen to spot this book (by Spyros Makridakis, Robin Hograth & Anil Gaba) and fell for it immediately and started reading to find it hackneyed. Then I kept flipping until I came to last chapter (conclusion), it summed it up all. So spent about 30 minutes in reading it alone, and done with the gist it epitomizes:

  1. Accept that you’re operating in an uncertain world
  2. Assess the level of uncertainty you’re facing realistically
  3. Augment the range of uncertainty you’ve realistically assessed

To sum up, we should shift resources from being focused to much on prediction to being prepared for the unexpected, building resilience to live through negative events, and at the same time being nimble enough to leverage unexpected good luck.

So don’t waste that colossal time reading the entire book but just the last chapter would do. A bit monotonous with the familiar pattern struck by the three professors. Anyway a good research on their part after their abrupt and great collaboration being too long in academia.

Oprah–The Gospel of an Icon

A sonorous brawl on the modes and means of Oprahfication. A thorough analysis of why, how and what sells in the O world. In the Epilogue, author brigs a clear association between Oprah and Obama and how they can tune to the world even though their approaches are apart, still they gel. The Final passage was even more interesting – how to Oprahfy yourself now?

Excerpts from it:

Make your past, your peculiarity, your irreconcilability into a garnish for your J. Crew cardigan. Take the hard stories from before and capture them in an amulet that you string about your neck and color-code with the outfit assembled for your long day. Toss the sari over your shoulder to reveal the navy knit sheath beneath. Fling a father’s abandonment onto a bookshelf smartly arranged to exhibit the bibliographic array.  Nab a childhood abuse and smack it into a sound-bite submission. This isn’t Victorian curio containment, nor is it ribald plurality. This is collage collected carefully by scrapbook handbooks that tell you which wardrobe item to keep (the always classic Oxford shirt) and what to relinquish (Mama’s unloving gaze), which memory to encapsulate and which to let go. This is how you too can become an icon.

This is not a new dram. Obama is, as many have said before. a familiar sort of savior, offering a recognizable call for national, personal and spiritual change. We’ve tried before to release ourselves from precedent, and we have tried through many men to redeem ourselves. We have also tried in our rituals, our theologies, our purchases and our makeovers to rid the world of ethnic rumbling and to sleek our motley collectives into productive social calm. What makes Obama different is that he is so very good at it, at the talk and the modeling, the dreamscape and the productivity, that he convinces us, better than anyone before, that we should feel good about the costs of his incorporations. Feel good because we do, in the final hour , want to feel what he proposed. We want to be inspired. We want to feel good. We want to know change over and against the messes that we know we can never contain and will never stop making.At the appointed hour, the television is on , and we wait, humming and hoping for the same spirit, again. Only time will tell just what we lost when we threw ourselves, so eagerly, into him, into her, into the stores and wars and speeches and serials that form the flames of this, our modem revival.

The Force of Nature

It was pleasure to read this book about Ernest Rutherford by Richard Reeves, one of the greatest scientist of last century who split atom and found its innards, paving the way to marshal the forces of atom conveniently to produce nuclear energy.
Here again I get the glimpse of human being steeped in these qualities – irrespective of his occasional mood bouts but certainly followed by a genuine apology if it has hurt whoever – but what I can’t stand is those who never felt the remorse to apologize even though they realize the damage it had caused!

  • Lots of hard work even though you may possess immense intuition and hunch – Rutherford had extraordinary intuition at work but he has worked incessantly and only reported those that turned positive
  • Modesty – use less means even when high investment inlay is available – essentially be frugal personally and publicly – He always went for less funding for his laboratories partly not to be dictated by the amount of funding but use mental firepower to most with modestly available machine power
  • His quest for fundamentals without the associated technical details was always sound – when one of his scientist under tutelage brought a proposal for impulse generator, for politeness sake he received the proposal and gently left it on the table without noticing it was upside down asked a question – The blueprints are excellent piece of work but don’t interest me much than this. Please state simply the principle on which the machine works? – that would clear all the doubts
    As he aged, his hands shook but there was nothing wrong in his mind or inspirational power –or with his native sense of what was true and what was not. He once told the science writer Richie Clapper that leaps of imagination were generally the province of young men, but older and wiser mend had to be there with dry tinder to catch the sparks thrown off by new generation. He was in touch with all international institutions and individuals doing that

Education & Medicine–Two Areas to focus in non-heyday

Education & Medicine are everlasting fields with lots of room for innovation, philanthropy, service and governance. If I could be awash with sufficient funds, I‘d like to retire to these two fields which I’ve some exposure and attraction and certainly yearning to etch my indelible marks in the forms of selfless service to the improvement of all. But there are 2 hurdles – one I’ve already mentioned and the other is where to start? and what to contribute? But I’m not sure what destiny has in its sleeves………!?!

The other day I bumped with my friend who had some wishes in his life and was entertaining to know and certainly achievable and providing here for the benefit of others to emulate:

Solitude, Solidarity, Selfless Service, Simpleton, Burden-less, Financially Independent, Moral, Live & Die peacefully, gently & happily

Thank all for the praises, opportunities, insanities, hurdles & health setbacks and look at them equally.

And when you ascend from this physical plane, the let the world or at least the community ponder it has lost a great human – and fame is not a pre-requisite for service rendered with heart. You have received a lot and its time to give back to society in little forms and start planning and providence can also lend its invisible hand in the journey

My Genuine Traffic Appeal goes this way–Can it get redressed?

It was with a sense of self-reproach that I acknowledge my traffic offence letter to know that I’ve committed straying into the bus lane during prohibited hours. I’d like to kindly bring to your attention on why such inadvertent straying for certain distance happened. If I remember correctly, I was following the CT5 Expressway and was taking an exit to Yorkshire and joining the Lancashire Ave Btw Yeo Kirk Rd & Yorkshire Ave 1 and as there was a persistent, heavy and unrelenting traffic and oncoming vehicles holding to 2nd lane not parting way to allow me to join the 2nd lane that I was forced to take a detour for some distance before joining the allowed lane. This is not to hamper traffic behind me getting stuck and further slowdown the heavy traffic. I’d like to appeal that I’ve never entered the bus lane before in my traffic history during the said hours and it has been a shocker to know that I’ve done this but certainly this has been neither of my own volition nor to speed up/jump queue. I do believe that commuters in buses have the fullest priority and regret for this inadvertent, unintentional and forced incursion. Hence I’d kindly like to appeal on this and seek your humble assessment.

Yahoo to GoDaddy…my dream (since 2006) goes online

Virtual presence or web anchor is second to none for a peanut or billion dollar business. My company is at the peanut stage and every pea counts. Yahoo as a domain registrar makes you Crying face – I’m a late realizer. I used to pay USD 55 after the initial expiry of that attractive initial 2 year period. Essentially I coughed up USD 55 since 2008 until now. When I decided to have my own web presence, I tried Google Sites. It took me 3 days from conceptualization to reality to make the graphics and website – indeed hard work to understand HTML and meld it with my imagination and satisfaction. Next came the nightmare when Yahoo as a registrar never allowed Google Site verification using TXT record method in DNS. I was flabbergasted at the legacy old system which Yahoo runs and how that company is crumbling under its own inertia – no wonder its founder just resigned a day ago Winking smile.

Decided to move from Yahoo small business domains to GoDaddy, poured up on this guide. Purchased 5 year private domain parking at USD 70+, saves me USD350 for another 5 years, as they offer an extra year free. Logged into my Yahoo domain to unlock domain, followed by changing the domain registration details from public to private and checked administration contact email to be valid – here’s the trick. Yahoo does a implore-able thing, when you first register, they ask you to create a yahoo user id and use that as the admin email address rather than the one you provided (your oft used one), so you need to specifically go to account info and change the ‘whois’ services record to reflect the admin contact email. Then got the Authorization code from Yahoo and supplied it to GoDaddy to effect transfer. This transfer completed in 2.5 days rather than said 7 days by Yahoo. Finally got the confirmation email from GoDaddy on Mon 19 Jan 2012 and started my stalled Google Apps setup earnestly. Spent 7 hours to get all setup completed: Sites, Email, Outlook 2010 client setup and all domain stuff pointing to right places.

My Google Sites setup was stopped at the verification stage and continued from there, first creating the TXT record for Google Apps – verified in 20 min against said 1 hour. GoDaddy is damn fast. 

Next created all my 3 email users. Next changed ‘MX’ DNS entry to my proper domain. Next disabled POP and enabled IMAP. Tested email service from the browser to be OK. Then changed the mail access URL – to something like mail.yourdomain.com, you need to change the ‘mail’ CNAME DNS entry. Next is to authenticate email with a domain key. For this, in GoDaddy, you need to create a SPF record under TXT section of DNS management page.

While waiting for my DNS changes to take effect, I proceeded to migrate Google Sites to Google Apps. Created an account in current Google sites pointing to admin account of Goggle apps. Logged out and logged in using admin account, only going back to Google apps. Have to try a few rounds before got it right – i.e. logging into your Google Sites with an admin account of Google Apps and then copy the site to Google Apps Site. In Google apps you need to enable “Users can change permission of a site to public access”, if not the Google Site permission (in Google Apps) will not allow you to make a site public even to admin account.

After the site was copied, removed already configured domain web domain address (a defunct service provided by Yahoo registrar) in my temporary Google Sites website. Moved to Google Apps and changed the permission to allow all in the internet to find & view this site. Changed the naked domain address pointing by changing the ‘A’ DNS entry in GoDaddy to specified Google App site IP addresses and also doing a ‘forwarding change’ from here to site’s www.yourdomain.com address with Google Apps.

Outlook 2010 client setup next took at least an hour. Somehow upon configuring IMAP protocol, noticed that Outlook inputs 2 copies of sent mail instead one – very annoying. Then went into the outlook account setup and enabled “copy sent email in local folder” to solve this issue.

So there goes my story, to diligently configure my site, email server, email accounts under a specific domain in www finally -  a dream since 2006. Worth 7 hours of a Thursday (19 Jan 2012) morning until evening to get that anchored presence in “the web” for free, courtesy Google Apps. Email backup has to come from Outlook 2010 client for now until we grow and be able to pay for it.  Next comes the business challenges………Fingers crossed

Is $170,000 for an hour sounds obscene? Impossible happens!

Nope, not at all, if you end up as the next apple head honcho.  Apple successor CEO Tim Cook’s remuneration is $400 million in total for 2011. My calculation of 170K/hour is based on a lenient 240 day work year with 10 hours a day work schedule and suspect it may be a more punishing work schedule for a CEO, perhaps 16 hours a day – then I presume delegation is missing!. Nevertheless look at the overall bounty, if all stocks are vested and converted to cash, that is incredible to ride on the ‘current apple wave’ to realize it. Flipping the coin, I always wonder, chance favors those who ‘raise to the occasion’, regardless, it’s after all chance – when it strikes: raises, drops, flattens your fortunes, health, standing and everything – no one knows for sure what it’ll affect, effect, defect and perfect! Certainly it echoes what I heard on BBC today of a program to find aliens and the reporter quipped based on a specialist’s writing: The probability of finding aliens is difficult to predict but if we never try, the probability becomes zero.  Hence keep trying: faint, raise, whisper, toil, perfect-ize (right & a fitting verb is unavailable, apologies), shoot, shout and go recursive until the dream is achieved. When recursion ends in abundance, don’t forget to share the riches of all sorts by all resorts.