The Rare Find–Spotting Exceptional Talent b4 everyone else

Every smart company/entrepreneur’s dream is to achieve the above, but can we? George Anders in his book answers with lot’s of stories – that it can be achieved. Some snippets that I liked from his book (title as above):

Decoding Jagged Resumes:

  • Read resumes from bottom to top rather than the conventional way
  • 3 powerful methods to sieve candidates:
        Compromise on experience; don’t on character
        Your own career is a template; use it
        Rely on auditions to see why people achieve the results they do; question & observe
        Ask about early pranks and explorations in their excellence story
  • Investment doesn’t require extraordinary intelligence; it calls for an extraordinary temperament – this is quality a trader requires, hence a investment firm went all the way to hire taxi driver, accountant, insurance agent to become traders and showed excellent results (as per “The Complete Turtle Trader” – by Micheal W. Covel)

Where insights are born:

For millions of us, eureka moments are within reach. Spend long enough in a field, and the winning paths become evident. Anyone who pays close attention over a decade or more will start to see small clues that presage people’s destinies. Sometimes it’s common knowledge. Catch veterans over a cup of coffee or at an airport luggage carousel, and they will know who has “lots of runway ahead,” who is “meant for big things” , and who is “a disaster waiting to happen”. The secrets of judging character are right in front of us. All we have to do is use them.

Audition that works:

Ask audition masters what they’re hunting for, and the deepest answers involve subjects’ character. Regardless of differences in the exact ways that the talent is expressed, each domain’s underlying quests are strikingly similar: Who tries hard? who prepares well? who recovers quickly and calmly from setback? who works well with others? who can size up a turbulent situation and come up with a plan? Or, taken from the other direction, which people cut corners, who turns brittle under pressure? who is clueless about group dynamics? who ultimately doesn’t care? All these queries help illuminate the reasons why candidates achieve the results they do. It’ not enough to know them for brief moments, it’s far more important to understand the path the particular candidate traveled to achieve that result

Talent that whispers:

Breakdown the barriers that restrict where you look:
Facebook at it surge to recruit from a startup to conglomerate, had to use an ingenious yet radical way to attract talent. They introduced Puzzle master, an internet puzzle solving contest where interested candidates understand the puzzle and write an web application to solve it and post it to the given email address.
When you’re exploring, ask: “What can go right?”:
Most conventional assessment is all about finding candidates’ flaws. That’s appropriate in the final stages of selection, when top-tier candidates have established their allure. Puzzle master example shows how the outer fringes of talent work differently unlike the ivy school A+ grades. They’re silent, self-taught and daring to experiment.

Lottery Tickets:

JK Rowling ‘s first Harry Potter novel, for example, attracted barely a flicker of interest in the summer fo 1995. For whatever reason, the book attracted only one bid, of $2500, from Barry Cunningham, who ran Bloomsbury’s children’s book division. When it became clear a few years later that harry potter franchise would be worth many hundred millions of dollars to Bloomsbury, the company’s share price more than doubled .
Here, the great art lies in being open-minded enough to see faint possibilities at first, and then being methodical enough to keep coming back for more impressions, until the full picture is clear. Also note that “It’s tough to duplicate any freakish success that relies in part on novelty” and moreover – “You can’t do something for the first time twice”.

Talent that shouts:

Top talent wants to be challenged, not coddled. Thee racehorse personalities are driven by such intense desire to make a mark in the world that it surpasses every other motivator. Play to the reality. Set audacious goals and run the hardest situations. Portray hardship and possible failures as selling points for your jibs, rather than liabilities. Middle-of-the-pack candidates won’t want any part of this. But for exceptionally talented souls, such heroic quests are thrilling and addictive.


Write Starts–wonderful aid to get you starting

My next attempt to write solidly ended up picking “Write Starts” – It started albeit lost leeway to plunge wholeheartedly as other commitments intervene – but I kind of browsed this book and didn’t give it due respect and diligence to practice earnestly as Hal Zina Bennet tries to awaken that writing spirit in his 200 page long “make it your own” companion. But certainly I agree this is a light and fantastic aid to crack the whip and keep the writing in right order and wrong the laziness to lift inertia and writing block, thereby sustaining a momentum to achieve something in writing.

I’ve picked up even more aids from his Internet references & bibliography for the benefit of all:

  1. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life – Anne LaMotte, Pantheon Books
  2. Courage and Craft: Writing your life into Story – Barbara Abercrombie, New World Library
  3. Creating Unforgettable Characters: A Practical Guide to Character Development – Linda Seger, Henry Holt
  4. Creative Non-Fiction, edited by Carolyn Forche and Philip Gerard, Story Press
  5. Finding your writer’s voice: A Guide to Creative Fiction – Thaisa Frank & Dorothy Wall, St. Martin’s Press
  6. Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art- Stephen Nachmanovitch, Tarcher/Putnam
  7. Memoirs of the Soul: a writing Guide – Nan Phifer, Ingot Press
  8. Story Catcher: making Sense of our lives through the power and practice of story – Christina Baldwin, New World Library

Internet Resources:

Site Use

Association of Authors’ representatives

Writing a good query letter to finding publisher

database of reputable literary agents Quotes Print On Demand publishing About grammar and punctuation The Internet Public Library hosted by Michigan University journaling and storytelling

Only the persuaded can persuade

Any major endeavor or journey starts with the first step. With your first step, be enthusiastic and enthusiasm is the highest quality on earth. It is a fact that nothing happens until someone gets excited. People are persuaded more by the depth of conviction than the height of your logic, more by your enthusiasm than any proof you can offer. Listen to the wisdom of Goethe & Shakespeare and begin it now:

Goethe:-Begin it Now:

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy,
the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation)
there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which
kills countless ideas and splendid plans.

That the moment one definitely commits oneself,
then providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one
that would never otherwise have occurred.

A whole stream of events issues from the decisions,
raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents
and meetings and material assistance, which no man
could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in it.

Begin it Now.


Shakespeare: Ponder on a vision of future

There is a tide
In the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood
Leads on to fortune;

Omitted, all the voyage
of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries

Selling to the TOP

A classic by itself being published 20 years ago sounds true irrespective of time. A great book on selling which gives startling insight on principles that often gets tossed for mundane. If you’re faced with the following Sales predicament:

I have no value to offer at the top:
After you understand the CIA story, you’ll not only able to offer value – may also have some answers to his or her critical problems

I don’t know what to talk about:
The greatest blunder which you should never commit

I need a heavy hitter (executive) to go with me:
Yes, you often do, and they are waiting on you. Just Ask

I don’t feel comfortable calling at the top:
We can’t make butterflies disappear, but with this instance, they’ll be flying in formation

I have no need to call at the top:
This too will pass, promise. The day will come when that individual who we’re dealing and comfortable is fired, promoted, transferred, jumps ship or dies. And their replacement has a love affair with brand X. That’s called “Kiss you career goodbye”

Make sure you do these to manage your predicament to your favor: Tips from David A. Peoples:

How to Meet Mr./Mrs. Big:
Contrary to what yo might think, Economic Decision Maker is often the easiest person to see. Just ASK. And btw, the higher up the organization you go, nicer they are. Now you’ve to be prepared to these 3 questions: 1. Whom from your company is going to be at the meeting? 2. What is the purpose of the meeting 3. How long will it take?  Have somebody of the same rank and horsepower to be on the first call. There are 3 direct approaches to the mechanics of asking for an appointment: Call the secretary or write an email/letter or call their secretary through your secretary.
If you’ve trouble articulating a purpose for the call, try something like this: I’d like to learn more about your business and your objectives and to share some information about our expertise in your industry so that you can determine if there are areas in which we could mutually benefit

How well do I know my customer?:
My customer’s biggest competitor?_____
The single greatest weakness of that competitor is _______
The most common compliant or objection to my customer’s product or service is ______
The single biggest problem in my customer’s industry is _____
The president’s highest priority goal or objective is ________
The five year trend of my customer’s market share has been _______
My customer’s strategy is a. Low Cost b. Product Differentiation c. Niche Player
The 3 greatest strengths of my customers products are _____
My customer’s largest customer is ____

If you’ve answers, you can make an executive call:
How can you enhance your customer’s Critical Success Factors (CSF)?
Name one thing you could do in direct support if your customer’s goals
How can you help you customer to lock in their largest customer?
How can you add value and differentiation to your customer’s products and services?
What can you do to help solve the single biggest issue in the mind of the president?
How can you quickly produce a rewarding experience for a top executive?
How can your customer exploit the greatest weakness if their largest competitor?
What is your recommendation to help solve the biggest complaint or objections to your customer;s products or services?
How can you reduce cost or increase sales?

When you meet, keep these in mind:
Confirm CSF
Confirm goals and objectives
Observe and confirm the behavioral style
Question to identify problems, needs and wants
Determine priorities by asking
The key to get back in – with a preplanned question at the end of call that’ll open the door for return visit
Meet the blocker and update the happenings
Thank you email to all

Customer’s Right Brain is saying:
Don’t sell me clothes. Tell me how great I look
Don’t sell me a house. Tell me about the location and great neighbors
Don’t sell me a computer. Tell me how I’ll be ahead of the pack
Don’t sell me food. Talk to me about good health

Eerie silence punctuated finally by activity again….

My vow to write at least one article a month couldn’t be fulfilled between now and Oct 23rd. It was bustling time but on non business. I had opportunities to bump with my closest friend again and happened to know what he was doing and to understand how life chugs for him despite all his setbacks. It has been quite an eventful months for him as he finally settled in secluded bliss albeit with irritant minor ailments that creeps in concomitantly with unleashing morale sine waves and vanishing during the troughs, perhaps mind plays tricks on his health as he adjusts to new reality. His constant meditative focus, spiritual contemplation reached new heights with discipline and conviction. As festive season approaches and the whole world looks outward, he started his journey earnestly inwards without missing the social action which every person invariably needs to attend to and there’s no need to shun action for the sake of knowing the innards. His ambitions on the entrepreneurship front started its progress slowly but surely as he rejected an offer on table to concentrate on his life long dream. Hope the invisible hand plays its part to uplift, rejuvenate and revitalize him to achieve his goals that has a universal cause which is to steadfastly spend on philanthropy for the needy of different sorts. Hope his grand ambitions for a noble cause succeed to help and bring cheer and happiness to countless. He has been referring to Ramanar and Paul Brunton profusely and said was reading Autobiography of a Yogi. All these books were replete with how an individual can transcendent physical laws with practice and concentration to know truth which can guide every earnest practitioner to lead him to peace within and outwardly. Finally I surmised that his change is epic and for good cause and gave my heartfelt wishes for success in his entrepreneurship journey in company and spiritual business. After all man’s purpose to be born is to reach his higher self and be compassionate, empathetic to fellow beings. Some universal principles to note:

  • One is religion, One is God
  • All are his places and family
  • He is in all, All is He
  • Matter and Light and interchangeable

His parting note to me was: Tirelessly & selflessly remain on the koan: Who am I? to know thy path and purpose. Abide and get guidance from great masters of wisdom: Lau Tzu, Buddha, Ramanar, Vallalar, Arunagirinathar, Thriuvalluvar, Agasthiar – men of great wisdom and compassionate beings.