Top 10 Interview Questions & Answers

Top 10 interview onslaughts as per David Couper in his book “Outsiders on the Inside”, excerpts below:

  1. Tell me about yourself!?!
  2. What do you consider your most significant accomplishment?
  3. Why are you leaving your current position?
  4. What do you consider your biggest weakness?
  5. Have you handled stressful/frustrating/difficult situations in the past?
  6. Our company has to deal with……..; how would you handle this?
  7. So what makes you think you are qualified for this position? You don’t seem to be?
  8. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years time?
  9. Why should we hire you for this position?
  10.   Is there anything you’d like to know about the company?

Onslaughts slaughtered:

  1. Give a brief, crisp, high level synopsis to capture attention and engage:
    I’ve got x years of experience as y in abc corp for cde person…..before we get much further I wanted to make sure that I give you the information you need. Can you tell me a bit more about the job? I know that I’ll in this role but wondering what day-to-day duties it entails in company abc’s context?
  2. Discuss your hard work and accomplishments that relate to the job – only to this job. Make a list before the interview of your most significant achievements, narrow it down and then discuss that in two to three minutes. Remember to use stories to get your point across
  3. Never badmouth your previous employer. Instead focus on benefits of the experience gained in your last position. Don’t give into interviewer’s hands to tell the reason:
    I really enjoyed working in a startup atmosphere…blah…blah….I got some great experience, but after x years and after discussing with my boss, we saw that we wanted to a position where I could use my design skills more. I believe that working in this role would be a great fit for my following abilities
  4. Instead of talking about weaknesses, talk about something that you’ve worked on an is now not an issue. Preferably this is something that happened earlier in your career. Or talk about an issue everyone knows is an issue.
    One challenge I had when I first started as a manager was putting together……now it’s a breeze because of so and so.
  5. This is to check whether you can deal petty problems on a daily basis. Make sure you address your common sense, perseverance and patience in these situations. Have a relevant example you can cite and highlight how you used either your persona to solve or how you managed well:
    Mostly really well. I’m calm and don’t get upset. If I find then there’s a lot going on, I prioritize and focus on what needs to be done first. I don’t get stressed.
  6. Based on situation…your answer to be tailored
  7. It’s more of challenging you for a response, you need to pick 2 or 3 main ideas about the job, and about yourself and connect them. Prove your worth by telling a story connecting success in the past related to skill required in the current role.
  8. Give an impression that you’re here to stay:
    That’s a great question, I love my work so I hope I ‘d still be working here but always learning new things and challenging myself
  9. repeat your 2 main ideas and connect them again
  10.   Ask about the potential for growth in the role offered and company as a whole:
    I’d be interested to know where the company/dept/ is going in the next 5 years

Uncertainty rules roost

As I was reluctantly trudging through The Thoreau You Don’t Know by Robert Sullivan, contemplating at my friend’s predicament, a chilling reminder of what every person goes through during an inflection point. This endurance game of even a few weeks was a harsh marathon run further exacerbated by an inclement business climate. Uncertainty creates sluggishness and leads to cautious outlook that reigns businesses irrespective of facts & fundamentals.  An unpleasant time to look for a change, wherein this period was saddled with hope and despair amidst handling his curmudgeonly close family member taking a flight of no return. It may herald a time for great contemplation, freedom and experimentation into life’s innards or a grand uncertainty, time has to unfurl the outcome. His penchant intuition on entrepreneurship is a tall order but hard wok alone may not show results. But the invisible hand of providence has to do its meticulous work of bringing right opportunity, time, luck and platform for success. Without much ado, let us see how the story unfolds as there’s still time left. It was a week of loss, as Steve Jobs fades into digital oblivion at 56, it never evoked unconditional empathy given his private-ness too private and his narcissistic attitudes in overpowering his achievements. I was never elated but as a human being I do condole his passing away. I salute his achievements to humanity in terms of the technology strides he made and left a lasting imprint on the world being more closer, livelier and happier through apple products albeit being expensive. This made his company’s profit war chest manifold. People paid for status, mockery, fan-ism and ease of use – of course. Being a windows aficionado, I’m not easily persuaded to jump camp. As a final note to this entry, befitting any life, as entry and exit are watched keenly, death makes truce to all things in life – either unruly or to the rule, it’s zero sum game in the end, what counts is what you gave to world than what you received and that too while giving how you got them.