Persuading for Change

Excellent persuasion pitch from Stephen Elop of Nokia to get things done and is so persuasive that I vouch every leader out there should get the inspiration to huddle the team, have a heartfelt talk to inspire the drive in them towards the results and outcomes takes care of themselves.


Philosophy on Tap – I

Matt Lawrence has imbued beer with philosophy conundrums, a unique way of presenting riddles with a different beer for each to relax and contemplate. I’ve rescinded his formula of not tapping into a beer (in a bar) but enjoying the ancient riddles.

Here’s the list of riddles that surprised and sent me into deep contemplation:

Transporter Troubles: It’s about teleporting your entire self & body to a remote location. Sort of machine that can scan, pulverize, send your sub atomic blueprint and recreate an exact replica of yours giving life and context to continue from there on. The problem is even though the body is made anew, how about giving life?!
This reminds me reading about sages in ancient India who had practiced “teleporting from one form to another”, essentially lay their body dead and keep it safe, then enter another dead body and function with their soul & context with the capability to reenter their body on will. I believe this is absolutely doable with mind-body control and practice.

Zeno’s Paradox: Often referred to as paradox of bisection, wherein an object from mouth say beer is at 1 foot distance, in order to bring it to mouth you have to bring it half foot. Now from this new position, you have to bring half distance within that half foot nearer and keep repeating until you reach you’re mouth, essentially passing infinite points in finite time?!?

Metaphysical Idealism: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, would it still make a sound?Bishop George Berkeley’s philosophy can be summed up his famous dictum: “To be is to be perceived”. All that truly exists are the minds and the ideas, perceptions or sensations of minds. When you see a beer, you are having sensations of golden, cool, web,  bubbly, etc. Certianly these sensations are not in the beer, simply a part of our awareness and we insist beer is outside, but on what grounds? Do sensations inside our minds tell what’s going on outside of our minds?

10@2 Paradox: How does a person who was “2” at 10 pm become 10 at 2 am? Is the beauty in the eye of the beholder? or the person?

Pascal’s Wager: It’s the risk/reward scheme that would make you to wager? Choose either beer you’d like. But if you choose Tiger and you’re right, I’ll buy you all food, drinks tonight plus pay for the cab ride home. If you choose Tiger and you’re wrong, then you owe me only one pint. However you choose TsingTao and you’re right, then I’ll buy you a pint, if you choose TsingTao is wrong, you buy all the food and drinks and pay for cab ride home. As long you go with Tiger – it’s pretty sweet bet – nothing much to loose.

Lucretius’ Spear: Ancient Roman Philospher Lucretius asked himself: If there’s an to the universe, one could toss a spear at it. If it sails through the this wasn’t the end after all. If, on the other hand, the spear bounces back, then it must have been stopped by something – a kind of cosmic wall or boundary, then it must have a thickness to it. Then mark this, perhaps go to the end of this thickness and ask yourself the same. Then there’s no end to universe. Universe is essentially flat and if you throw spear hard enough, it’ll never return, it’ll keep forever sailing.

Omnipotence Dilemma:If you say God is all powerful, take this statement, Can he make a big stone that He can’t even carry? Hence Omnipotence can’t be: The ability to do anything but rather to be: The ability to do anything that is do-able. It’s akin to the idea of round-square which is self contradictory – impossible for even God. Even Omniscience or paradox of foreknowledge is similar to this.

Race is not biology rather a social construction:  Malcom X, civil rights leader once shared this story about a African with a turban entering a segregated pub and was served drinks. The he asked the bar tender: What happens a Negro comes in? he himself sitting there black as night. The bar tender told him” Why? there would be no nigger dare come in here. Here the prejudice has little to do with biology.

Buddha’s Missing Self: If you reflect upon an experience at any moment, you never seem to find a Self. You can observe a thought, but never a thinker behind the thought, Isn’t thought is the thinker. What happens if you can get this profound understanding by using thought itself?! The way is: Whatever body, or feeling or perception or mental formation or consciousness, be it past, future or present, be it your own or be it external to you, be it gross or subtle, mean or noble, remote or near, if you see it all so: – “This is not mine, I’m not it, it’s not my self” – thus seeing by right insight the thing as it really is, you’re liberated, without grasping.