For relationships to improve

Be it office or home, to prevent relationship gaps and to minimize or improve existing gaps, follow these 8 surefire tips:

Ego Let go your vanities – I’m mighty, I’m special & without me nothing moves
Loose Talk Do not keep talking without understanding implications and making sense
Diplomacy and Compromise Any activity or issue requires tactical handling and be ready to stick to middle ground
Tolerance Understand that sometimes dilemmas and annoyances have to be endured
Chatterbox Talk less and listen more – do not talk everything to everybody whether they’re involved or not
Flexibility Be not rigid and inflexible on your ideas and thoughts
Courtesy Give due respect and be polite. Don’t pretend to have less time to smile and utter some nice words
Negotiate Be first to negotiate rather than waiting for counterpart to move first in issues and crisis

Breath and Activity–Startling Facts

Breath is life, no doubt. But when yogic practices or if things happen inherently and not of your volition, certain eastern scriptures lists the breath quantity versus the bodily state….an interesting and startling metrics – unfathomable to common & conditioned mind.

Source: Pamban Swamigal: Valzhvum Vakkum by V. Seenevasan, Narmada Padipakkam

Activity Breath in Inches
Sleeping 75
Mating 48
Running 25.45
Walking 18
Eating and Relaxing 13.5
Being static with no action 9
Sensory Suppression 8.25
Samadhi 7.5
Attaining Blessedness 6.45
Knowing Past, Present & Future 6
Knowledge Eye 5.25
Rising to Heaven 4.5
Touring the 14 worlds 5.25
The 8 kind of super human powers attained through yoga 3.45
9 types of tending Power 2.2.5
Enlightenment – Seeing Soul 1.5
Becoming one – with no shadow in front or back 0.45
Total Nirvana – Becoming light 0

Yogic Deep Sleep

Mukunda Stiles’ book on Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy was a fascinating read and mentions about yogic deep sleep. It has a 2 page anecdote on how the author experienced it himself and used it to overcome fear of death!?

Yogic Deep Sleep is an auto-suggestion practice that quiets body and mind and slowly reinforces mind to focus on lifting consciousness separate from body. I’d suggest this practice to those who dare to experiment and understand true nature of mind body connection and is devoid of any religious overtures. When reading old literature & ancestral poetry, I’ve stumbled on a technique used by seers to transfix consciousness from one physical living being to another, could be from man to a man or an animal for specific duration. During this span of time, the former physical form needs to be protected for re-entering when the stint in the latter is over. The body is in a special state wherein it’s considered dead but retains body consciousness and can return to normality upon regaining mind consciousness.

I believe it’s practically possible to achieve such a state with conscientious practice and discipline. 

When does a literary piece succeed?

Was pondering over this Tamil essay “Language’s Pain and Play” by K.Panjankam, Tamil Prof. at the Pondicherry Arts College. An exquisite & vivid analysis of Tamil classical literature.

His main point: when does a literary piece succeeds and remains relevant and gains immortality? when it can speak the colloquialism of the people where it was born, speak the common folk speak, idioms and imbue their triumphs and tribulations. Just mirror the society’s hopes, wants, dreams and failures in their own natural expression.

I’m translating a line of a poem cited as an example that amazed me from classical Tamil poetry ‘Thiruvasagam’:

“Whoever stops can stop in the unstoppable world, we unstop and keep going”

Think how exotic it would be in it’s mother tongue?