Kite flying mishap

(my writing exercise #2 based on a true story – happened on mid-Mar 2011)

I had some fascination at the multicolor kites hovering the dam road skyline amidst the sea breeze. Their sizes and sophistication enthralls me and my friend decided to get one with a proper spindle driven string holder that can make the kite reach greater heights than the $2 a piece child’s kites. He wanted to look professional and enjoy a cloudy late afternoon with his newbie but that day became a unforgivable and unforgettable day.

He launched his miniature kite and it zoomed agilely and handed it over to his kids to enjoy. Then he took his newbie, $20 penguin laced black & white kite, hoisted it majestically using string from spindle. It initially soared with the wind’s gentle upward push, reached a certain height to cross the dam road and was well positioned and stable. With this sign, he released more string for the kite to attain greater heights, part of the fun in kite flying is to make it soar higher and higher.

Suddenly the kite’s internal rigid structure snapped and led to instability in air causing it to descend abruptly like a mid air flight crash landing straight down. It was utterly unusual for both kite and plane to go on a free fall, but it happened. The irony is on it’s maiden launch. As it was on free fall, my friend was desperate to rescue by all means and couldn’t. Kite simply fell on a truck’s back with the string covering the road perpendicularly the road where traffic was moving. A few cars made their way unhindered as the string was barely touching their top. All of sudden, a motorcyclist was on his way and the string’s height was not high above, that it slipped on to his helmet and was dragged. The polythene string was very taut that it took him a few meters before it snapped slightly causing a bruise in his wrist and a lengthy gash to my friend’s entire wrist who was holding the string near the spindle. Fortunately a major accident was averted, imagine what happens if the motor cyclist skids off at his speed and gets injured seriously, a major and daunting undertaking with law enforcement and won’t be easy. The biker stopped and my friend reached immediately to center of the road and profusely said sorry to him on his charge of being injured and calling police. All this unfolded suddenly before the kids and onlookers on the dam, a trouble shockingly unexpected and freakish.  He was very genuine in his regret and said to motorist that never ever he would venture flying kite at this place and he was squarely in fault. Partly his full admission and remorseful repentance convinced the motorist to pardon and continue his journey without any police report.

Lesson of the day for all: never fly kites on roadside, always look for a vast open field or beach side far way from moving vehicles. When in fault, be genuine and feel sorry to the core and it saves a mishap and avoids a dent in your well being.


When blood glucose levels takes front stage

[my writing exercise #2]

As you step into not-yet-pre-middle fringes in age, your dormant genetic sequences get a boost and may want to unleash certain traits that surprises and baffles you. Time to accept, reinvent and plan the course to tackle lot of physiological crankiness as body complains of working non-stop since birth. Emotional and bodily well-being are intimately related. Both can affect the other, like spousal relationship, one in action/mind even though bodies are separate.

Diabetes can lurk unnoticed as its cousin, pre-diabetes and can rear its head suddenly and requires drastic alteration on your food habits which can be painful for the ordinary mortals used to daily connoisseur delights. Hence those with family genealogy of diabetes has to keep a tab on the health check and be mindful of possible symptoms occurring once in a blue moon. Take the cue and act smart. Doing things incrementally and proactively never sap you in the long run. This is better than drastic yet rapid changes in culinary and physiological acts.

Some sagely advice from an ordinary mortal teetering between pre and actual sugariness:

  1. Cut and totally avoid fizzy drinks even when it’s free flowing
  2. Everyday mere mortal / dignified delights – Coffee & Tea – requires less sugar and after some time, sans sweetener is the order of the day.
  3. Multigrain is norm of the day – get as much of them and hunt for outlets and stick to them – glycemic food in less quantities (rice, rice noodles, etc.). Stick to leafy goofs rather than carnivorous miscreants.
  4. Exercise is a must – Yoga is the best out of the pack and do get an instructor to teach you the basics and books can supplement further. Stick to the daily regimen and you’ll see the joy of body is joy of mind
  5. If sugariness still seethes, go for alternative medicine rather than Insulin shots and tablets – TCM or Homeopathy, but gradually stick to above points to self regulate once you contain

Health is wealth, energy and endurance. I had been procrastinating on point 4 but duly started on fears of genetic predisposition that may rear its ugly head anytime. Contentment, arresting the gushing yet rushing libido for sweetened food of any sort keeps your health in check for the rest of the life.

Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness: A History by Darrin M. McMahon was a great read and with copious pages, I disliked the religious take on happiness on certain chapters. But by and large, the analysis of various philosophers from Greek times to Nietzsche was fulfilling. In the end, its debatable as to whether we ride the free will or destiny or both to achieve our happiness and it reminds me this couplet from the famous 1st century poet:

What powers so great as those of Destiny? Man’s skill
Some other thing contrives; but fate’s beforehand still.

What is stronger than fate? If we think of an expedient (to avert it), it will itself be with us before (the thought)