Serious dissertation on Black Swans soon

Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan, 2010 revised edition, is profound and readable. Am I a black swan in the offing? or white or grey? it’s all random picking and if you’re in the pecking order of luck, why not? but I don’t know how our destinies are unleashed? Hence do your due diligence and leave it to power of random, ocean of consciousness, eternal force (I just fall short of saying god or the religious business stuff) to guide you. Still reading this book and haven’t finished yet. I’ll share my thoughts on what I understood about randomness and how to be more informed risk taker than a blind folded optimist.

Also speed reading Zilch – experiences from running non-profit organizations.
Speeches by World Leaders and GeekSpeak are waiting their turns for my commute read….


EMBA conundrum and GMAT hurdle

I was on vacation for 3 weeks, spanning between late August and early September 2010 and spent not enjoying or sightseeing but intensely preparing for GMAT. It’s too late that I missed the MBA boat and thought EMBA speed jet could bring some cheer to be back on school and learn the business from peers and successful leaders.
My dream of business school ended with dismal score of 500+ in GMAT albeit preparing intensely for the 3 weeks. Also took a course in gmat-zone, local “beat the gmat” training institute. Well the tutors are great but my verbal was damn poor.  Individual prep classes didn’t workout either. So I’m back to square one to achieve all that I could without an MBA. The benefit I got out of this intense prep is to simulate my brain whereas quant and verbal questions gave a perspective of where I stand after all these 17 years from school competitive exams. On prep materials out there for GMAT, Kaplan is great, Manhattan’s is simply superb and  Princeton is good. I wonder the kids who score 700+ percentile and the hard work that goes behind is amazing.
I targeted INSEAD EMBA and did a funny thing, did all my application, kind of reverse order, started doing application material: 7 essays, 1 essay for scholarship and it was good to evaluate myself where I stand professionally: achievements, weaknesses and strengths.  Made the application to INSEAD with the assumption that my score would surpass 600 and even requested for a week’s time beyond application deadline but alas all went into flames with my lackadaisical performance.

What will I do if I don’t enter INSEAD is one of the questions that will be my plan B going forward. Let’s see how its pan out in few years to come?!?

RK Narayan & Mark Twain’s Essays

RK Narayan was a quintessential Indian English writer whereas Mark Twain was his counterpart in America. A lovely combination and even lovelier was to delve into their thoughts. Mark Twain’s writings were unpublished works during his life time, which were posthumously published not to cause any stir or harm to his family. This was one of his wish and explains why these works never went to press when he was alive.

Narayan’s was down-to-earth, simple and erudite thoughts of day to day happenings in pre and post independent India. Mark’s was funny, scholarly and full of his wild west style.