Carnivals and their attraction & distraction

I took my family to free but local heartland’s milder attraction coinciding with Singapore’s grand carnival christened as Chingay @ North. Rains poured delaying start of the procession and it finally appeared at midpoint only around 10pm rather than the intended 8:30 pm slot. After an arduous wait of 2+ hours, dotted with lots of mandarin karaoke was of no use as time killer. In the end 5 floats arrived which was of little visual bon appetite and was wondering what happens if it lasts for an hour plus with people donning different persona swept by, a great fun time to watch their energy being showcased and be awed. No wonder the Rio’s Samba attraction is world famous and I thought I should witness at least once in my life time, the carnival’s Mecca in its glory.

Following the micro carnival was the thunderous & smoky lion dance whihc I’ve ever witnessed. The poor lads from China were amidst thousands of crackers jostling around with acrid & horrible smoke that nearly suffocated me after some time. I was really pitying them – what a human cost they pay merely for other’s entertainment. It tantamounts to inhaling millions of ciggrates within 5 minutes. It also shows how extreme we take certain things in the name of culture and entertainment, hence we should practice “green entertainment”


Why Apple cannot win this tablet war like iPhone?

Off late all blogs are awash of impending tablets from multitude of manufacturers (startups, established giants, phone companies, etc). I’m really happy and worried on the prices and choices respectively. Looks like having a celebrated app store doesn’t have a big advantage as all others will striving towards that. eBooks are also trying to play catch up. Netbooks look promising for same form factor and price point. In the end, tablets can penetrate only if price point goes below or around $299. If its purely for web surfing, a few social networking apps and eReader, all players qualify and price point decides who buys what.

I strongly believe this time, tablet wars lead to best price point which is victory for consumers and thank god Apple and “never die this time” competitors. In the end, no clear winner will emerge and market fragments as PC & netbooks selling crowd as of now, the best device clinching some albeit good market share. Now, most don smart phones and slowly but surely this crowd will buy tablets – one that’s slimmest, “all in one” sans keyboard with full multitasking and peripheral integration facilities. Eventually eBooks with their evolution path moving towards tablets, will merge.

My “minority report” on next generation tablets in 2020 comes super thin equipped with 3Dscopic cameras, micro SSDs with mega storages, hyper flexible printable AMOLED displays, super durable and efficient battery technologies, augmented & virtual reality projection, motion & tactical sensors, Indoor & Outdoor near centimeter GPS and runs on 4G & WiMax & all near sensing communication technologies. All household devices and gadgets will have their interfaces and control center directed from them and they become intelligent must-have device in every household with a household DRM managing who can connect and control what, when & where.


The moment I heard that melancholy chatter from my college friend, I understood it was the OCD kicking alive against him. I thought it’s a curse, godforsaken…its a curse rather, when science can’t explain things objectively. I readily said to my friend to twitter his feelings out, so that there’s an instant reprise of your feelings to be heard by outside world…it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. All it matters is, there’s facility to destress the distress encountered.

I felt integration to social networking channels from Microsoft is poor now. MSN Messenger, Windows Live Writer, Mobile 7, SharePoint all needs a great integration story of sorts to appeal to ever needy folks to air their vent. Seems all these features are in the offing in 2010 wave of releases.

My friend’s sketch: Thoughts on future….

My friend was in his late 30s and going to hit his proverbial 40s in a couple of years. He did a retrospective and introspective look at his life and shared some tidbits which I find great to share stripping up personal events/references and here it is, in his own words:
I had a brief stint with psychic in Orlando and challenged him for USD50, what am I going to become, which anybody demand such person (best out of my buck attitude) and was startled to hear that I’d become a writer. I never ever think I’d. For god sake, this is a gifted skill to make people spellbound by diction, erudition and words, which I’m nowhere. I’m also aware of “hand to mouth existence” writers and less renown & meekly ones too, hence living by writing is a daunting & irrelevant question for this hour. But let me list down what would make me a good writer if at all:

  • A research writing opening on a prestigious consulting firm to kick start that ass of writing for livelihood
  • Prolific reading and acquaintance & Association with (intellectual) friends to discuss, discern and exchange opinions
  • Travel at least a couple of months in a year:  to be with nature, people at the expense of corporations
  • Of course, some good bank balance not to disrupt running the family in forlorn & non creative days/years
  • A refuge to stick to the throes of corporate, when nothing turns up
  • Lots of wit, vigor, imagination, narration, eloquence and speaker’s podium to hone the skills of mesmerizing the folks with message & wit

This to me signals that I can seriously contemplate to venture into writing, too lofty isn’t it?
Well  I retorted to my friend, why don’t you leave it to providence to guide if that’s your side-call perhaps, notwithstanding your main duties out there – running a family, making money for kid’s expenses, thinking of safety nets and investment returns for the hard earned cash

Theodore & Mark Twain occupies me

Was reading Theodore Roosevelt’s biography and 3 quarters of the way stopped in favor of Sam Clemens aka Mark Twain’s one. One important paragraph from Theodore’s piece that attracted me and in relation to love partner, prophetic indeed if you need to prosper intellectually, financially, morally, bodily, and all -ilys.

There’s nothing in the world – no possible success, military or political which is worth weighing in the balance for one moment against the happiness that comes to those fortunate enough to make real love match – a match in which lover and sweetheart will never be lost in husband and wife…….