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Short break due to mounds of work

I’ve been busy since my return from Australia and never found a 20 minute break to kick start my blogging. Finally Christmas break has enabled me to do that. In the meantime, I grabbed a couple of books to my delight and savored them during my MRT rides. Thanks to my 1 hour up & down rides each which enables my short reading times. Quite lately, I’ve been very busy until Christmas to finish the User Requirements for Keppel Gas. For the Christmas party gift exchange in Keppel, presented a book on Barak Obama’s way of public speaking and tips to learn from him. Got a novel book separator which can hold stationeries in them and was made in Japan as the label claimed. The books that kept me occupied over last month:

The Art of Travel – Alan De Botton
Really a fair read with lots of philosophical musings and central theme I got out of it: John Ruskin’s way of enjoying every object with attention to minutest details. Talks about Alexander von Humboldt, Vincent Van Gogh & William Wordsworth and how their travels have inspired the world in their views: travel chronicles through an artistic erudition of nature through science, paintings and poems respectively.  Xavier de Maistre talks about chronicling simple things in your bedroom to draw attention to beautiful things that you see near you rather than travelling far of places to do it. One thing I’ve noted in my travels, I see different things, people, land and culture to understand and appreciate them and indeed have a great time and good sleep after tiresome walks of adventure.

Towards the setting sun – David Boyle
3 tales juxtaposed in search of new world in end of 15th century. The excitement, money from enterprise and naming these discoveries under their name led lot of explorers to fathom the unchartered waters and conquer them. Vespucci, Cabot and Columbus were talked about and their intertwined tales laid out nicely and a central connection was drawn out. Also understood how America got its name – from Amerigo Vespucci.

How Oscar became Wilde – Elliot Engel
Haven’t started reading it yet….