Work Mnemonics – Smart Working

If you want to register your business on internet with a domain name, follow RAIL:
R –
able to recall, A – Aesthetics, I – leave an impression, L – smaller in length

Any business presentations should follow:
ABCAccurate, Brief and Clear
PPPPP – Proper Plan Prevents Poor Performance
PPP – for any business meeting, you should be Prepared, Precise and Punctual

Take PRIDE in whatever you’re doing – Personal Responsibility In Daily Efforts

Always follow KISS in your tasks– Keep It Simple, Stupid

Perform SWOT analysis on all major & minor decisions – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Never ASSUME – to assume makes ASS out of U and ME

For any sales pitch follow: AIMS & ETC:
A –
arrest all senses, I – Interest by asking questions & novelty, M – Move by proof & demonstration, S – succeed in getting yes. After sales pitch do an ETC, E – evaluate outcome, T – teach yourself and others and C – check for results

For any interview follow the 5W & H: who, what, when, where, why and how?

Keep the office egos at bay using FASTA principle:
F – focus on your goals & not just yourself, A – ask for opinions, S – say thank you, T – treat everyone equal and A – allow yourself to fail

Any advertisement / slogan should follow AIDA principle:
A – Attract Attention (look at that), I – Induce Interest (mmm… that looks interesting), D – Demand Desire (I want it), A – Activate Action (act now)

On mixing beer and whisky for cocktail:
Beer on whisky, very risky
Whisky on beer, never fear…

How to arrange snooker balls even though you don’t know how to play well, follow colors denoted in order by GBY i.e. God Bless You

One stock market rule, never to forget
When rates are low
     Stocks will grow
When rates are high
     Stocks will die

On career deciding interviews, follow STAR principle:
S – assess the situation, TAsk – talk about the tasks that you’ve performed with ease, confidence and be true, R – look for results

When driving home in your car, always follow MLM – mirror, look, maneuver or LBLP – Look Before You Leap.


Hungry Hen

Great story that inspired me about the pitfalls of procrastination

There once was a very hungry little hen, and she ate and ate, and grew and grew, and the more she ate, the more she grew.
Up on the hill lived a fox. Every morning the fox stared down at the farm, and the hen would come out of her large house looking bigger than ever.
But every morning, as the fox began to sneak down toward the farm, he would stop and think, “If I wait just one more day, the hen will be even bigger”.
And so he waited and waited and waited, and the hen grew bigger and bigger,
and the fox grew hungrier and hungrier, and thinner and thinner.
Until one day, the fox looked down at the farm, and all he could see was the hen’s enormous head squeezing through the door of her large house.
The fox could stand it no longer. He began to run. He ran, and ran. He ran faster and faster, straight down the hill, through the farm and crashed through the window, into the hen’s house.
The fox looked at the hen. The hen looked at the fox. The fox licked his lips.
And just the fox was about to pounce…..the hen bent down- and gobbled him all up

Adam Smith

The author of “The Wealth of Nations” is indeed a maverick, bachelor at large and a visionary too. Was reading “Adam Smith and the pursuit of perfect liberty” by James Buchan. This book, laced with his ideas and biography combined, was a heavy philosophical read but a short one, to cover my 2 weeks of commute. The book cover had this quote in prominence – “Man is the only animal that is possessed of such nicety that very color of an object hurts him”.
David Hume, another philosopher of his time were good friends and were doing great in 1700s. Adam predicted the preeminence of US and a fierce advocate of liberty of commerce. We recklessly follow it in the name of capitalism to create umpteen stock market peaks and valleys – propped by greed & speculation and plunged by burst of bubble

Next big technology wave to capitalize

As cloud and current enterprise systems converge and strike more symbiotic relationships, not out casting each other but working together, great opportunities are in store for consulting firms.
Microsoft’s enterprise library is the fulcrum that spins the enterprise custom application development so far. There has to be an addition and P&P may be looking into already, I’m not sure. The need of the hour is to invest sufficiently and work on a Enterprise Cloud Library – “eCloud” or “cloudprise” that can seamlessly provide an enterprise framework which can access/provide local and cloud functions alike and with ease. It should possess a robust transaction and exception handling at least with newer cloud and enterprise web services that supports WS-* standards like WS-Atomic Transaction, WS-Coordination & WS-BusinessAcitivity. Another forte that needs to be integrated is the Geneva Framework aka ADFS.

WPF and its cousin Silverlight is the next gen UI that’ll slowly capture the market. Hence a full or light weight UI framework will be coming respectively from these frameworks. Immersive UI with deep animations like iPhone inspired will fill desktops. As Silverlight gets more ubiquitous, being available in Mac, Linux & Mobile environments and with transparent UI design fuels UI revolution.